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Explore Artists in Fife.

Fife is widely known for its picturesque coastal villages, stunning landscapes, and rich cultural heritage.

But in recent years, it has also become a vibrant community for artists and musicians, attracting creatives from far and wide.

With events like Largo Arts Week and the Open Studios, Fife offers a unique blend of artistic inspiration and cultural celebration. Our holiday homes in the East Neuk provide the perfect base for exploring the artistic highlights and visit artists in the local area.


Artists in Fife. Artist sitting in her studio.


Fife’s Artistic Charm.

Fife’s natural beauty and historic charm have long inspired artists. The region’s diverse landscapes, from rolling hills to rugged coastlines, serve as a perfect backdrop for creativity.

The coastal villages of the East Neuk, with their narrow streets, traditional cottages, and scenic harbours, are particularly beloved by artists.

Fife is also famous for its stunning cloud formations and the magical quality of its light, making sunrises and sunsets truly spectacular.

This blend of stunning scenery, dramatic skies, and rich history has cultivated a thriving artistic community in Fife.


Largo Arts Week: July 13th to 21st, 2024

One of the standout events in Fife’s artistic calendar is Largo Art Week.  In 2024 it is taking place from July 13th to 21st. Held annually in the village of Largo, this week-long festival celebrates local artists and craftspeople.

And Largo Art Week not only showcases incredible local talent but also fosters a sense of community and collaboration among artists and art lovers alike.


What to Expect at Largo Arts Week:

Art Exhibitions: Various venues in Largo open their doors to showcase the work of local artists. From contemporary paintings to traditional crafts and photography, the exhibitions highlight the incredible talent and diverse artistic expressions inspired by Fife’s natural beauty.

Workshops and Demonstrations: Engage with the creative process through interactive workshops and live demonstrations. Whether you’re interested in painting, pottery, jewellery making, or another craft, there’s something for everyone.

Live Performances and Events: Enjoy a variety of live performances, including music, theatre, and dance, set against the charming backdrop of Largo.

Learn more about Largo Arts Week here.


Lower Largo in Fife


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